5 Reasons To Consider Tutti Frutti Teether Toys

March 25, 2017

When your baby is experiencing pain from teething, you'll no doubt be trying tons of different remedies to try to alleviate the pain. One of your options is to give your child a teether toy, but with so many on the market it can be hard to choose!

If you've stumbled upon the Tutti Frutti teether toys by Wimmzi, you may be wondering what it is that makes them stand out and why you should consider these over any other product. Here are just five reasons to get you started!

  1. Wimmzi teething toys are inspired by kids, making them cute, fun and safe.

Why choose a boring toy when your child would love something cute and fun? Our fruit shaped toys (Choose from Banana, Watermelon or Grape!) are perfect for brightening up your baby's day and helping to ease their discomfort in the process. Plus, you can rest assured knowing they are only made from safe, FDA approved materials.

  1. They can be used throughout the entire teething process, keeping discomfort to a minimum.

Whether your child is three months old and showing signs of their first tooth, or a fully fledged toddler with almost all their baby teeth on board, Tutti Frutti toys can be used to relieve any pain related to teething. We'll be with you every step of the way.

  1. We always put safety first when it comes to your baby.

You should always aim to purchase teether toys that are free from BPA, PVC, phthalate, latex and teething gels. So you'll be pleased to know that our Tutti Frutti toys fit the bill!

  1. 10 percent of our profits are donated to the Save the Children organization.

Save the Children is an international organization that helps to support children all over the world by protecting their rights and providing relief when it comes to health care, better education and economic opportunities.

With regular donations, Save the Children can change the lives of thousands of children in over 120 countries worldwide. That's why we donate 10% of all profits to the organization. So when you purchase from us, you're not just helping your own baby - but another child too!

  1. We've already been baby and toddler approved – by real babies and toddlers!

Rather than simply creating our products and putting them straight up for sale, we took the time to test our Tutti Frutti teether toys on teething babies and toddlers in daycares.

While doing so, we noticed that they had a lot of fun playing with the fun, colorful shapes – as well as taking a real interest in chewing on each toy.

But the real question is – did they work? And we're proud to say yes they did! The babies felt relief from their teething pain, drooled less and were overall more relaxed and less irritable. Subsequently, they found it easier to participate in activities and slept better, too!

So will all of that in mind, go right ahead and explore our products knowing you're making a great decision that is both fun and healthy for your child. We hope you love the products as much as we do!