FAQ - WIMMZI Products


Q. Are your teethers safe?
A. Wimmzi Tutti Frutti Teether Toys are made of 100% food-grade silicone, similar to pacifiers and nipples, free of BPA, Parabens, Evatane, PVC, rubber, latex, phthalates, artificial colors, gels and chemical softeners. They are FDA approved and 100% safe for your infant.
Food - grade silicone is considered hypoallergenic and, therefore, safe for babies.There is no risk of developing rubber/latex allergies.This is very important when choosing teethers as they will be in your baby’s mouths quite frequently. These toxic and carcinogenic chemicals can easily get absorbed through saliva, ending up in your baby's body.

Q. Do they have a strong odor as many other teethers? 
A. They are completely taste and smell-free.

Q.  My 16-month-old is getting her molars in and she chews it like crazy! Can your teethers help?
A. Yes! These are ones of the best teethers you can get for all stages of teething. The unique design makes them suitable for younger babies that have just started teething, and they can reach the molar teeth too, for older babies/toddlers. They are also very well made to withstand all the chewing.

Q. Are they durable? Are there any small pieces?
A. Your baby safety is our priority! Our teething toys made of top-quality one-piece, durable, pliable and unbreakable silicone. Rest assured knowing that will never break into small pieces by your baby's constant chewing and pose a choking hazard.

Q. Are they soft or hard?
A. The material is perfectly soft with smooth edges to provide the pleasant resistance that is the key to giving your baby teething relief, but not too hard to ever hurt your baby’s gums.

Q. Are they easy to clean? How can I sanitize them?
A. They are very easy to clean. It is safe to toss them in the dishwasher to keep them germ-free and prevent infection. You can sanitize them periodically in a boiling water for 1 minute. Rinse them with soapy water before and after each use.

Q. Are they easy to use? What are their sizes? 
A. Our teethers are lightweight. It will be very easy for your baby to grasps and hold them with her tiny hands. She'll enjoy playing while developing motor skills.
They are ergonomically designed, small enough to fit perfectly in your baby’s tiny mouth and comfortably reach the front and back teeth, and big enough not to be swallowed or cause gagging or choking. To keep at hand, attach them to a pacifier clip. 

Q. Can they be frozen?
A. Absolutely! Tutti Frutti Teether Toys are the simplest and easiest solution to your baby's pain, especially if given cold! Usually, the baby’s gums are swollen and aching just before the tooth comes out. The best way to ease the pain and reduce drooling is to give her a cooled teether to chew on.
You can keep them in the fridge or the freezer. They can be chilled to soothe sore gums but not too cold for your baby to hold. You have 3 great teethers in this set, always have one available for instant relief!

Q. Can these teethers be used for puppies?
A. You can use them for cats, small puppies and small dogs only. They are durable and can withstand sharp teeth. Make sure your dog can't ingest them to prevent choking hazard.