• HOURS OF FUN & EDUCATIONAL DEVELOPMENT! - Our innovative Magnetic Building Block Tiles were created with your brilliant child in mind. We included 8 different shapes in a variety of sizes and colors, so that your child’s imagination can run wild. They will love to build trains, airplanes, houses, cars, and towers. Normally when kids are too quiet they are getting into mischief, but our magnets are so fun, they don’t need to go looking for trouble!

    SET YOUR CHILD UP FOR A LIFE OF SUCCESS - Studies have shown that top earners have learned how to effectively use their minds and creative imagination to bring huge value to society; which equates to higher wealth.  Just like the powerful Imagineers that have changed the world, you can set your child on a path of success as they learn to imagine and create playing with our premium Magnetors™ Magnetic Tiles!

    MAKE CREATIVE PLAY A FUN PART OF YOUR CHILD’S DAY - We believe you can never spoil your kids with too much love.  We believe motivating children to learn using lots of love, patience, and fun is more powerful than using fear and coercion. And we believe playing with our deluxe Magnetors™ is a great way for kids to enjoy learning.

    Our high-end Magnetors™ building tiles provide hours of fun for your sweet child. It’s crazy how addicting it can be to build with all the different shapes and sizes.  Hours can go by and your child will still be enthralled with the power of creation using their fun magnet tiles!

    They will be so proud to show you the tall towers they build, the fast trains, cars, and airplanes, and their inventive houses. You may be pleasantly surprised to find out how much your child enjoys to build with our strong magnetic tiles.

    Not only are they shockingly fun to play with, they are also a great STEM learning toy that will help your child develop greater fine motor skills, creativity, math, problem-solving, logical thinking, geometry, patience, and experimentation.

    Plus, your child can play independently with our Magnetors™ building tiles or with other kids to continue to learn how to interact, cooperate, and share with others. The possibilities are endless! We can wait for you to enjoy seeing your awesome child’s imagination soar!

    A GREAT WAY TO BOND WITH YOUR CREATIVE KID - Let’s be honest, it can be absolutely exhausting being a parent.  There are so many things to do each day, and sometimes playing with our child can take a back seat.  What we’ve found is that the more you enjoy the activity, the more fun it is for you and your child to play together!

    Even if you just take 10 minutes to play with your child before bedtime, you will be surprised how fast that times goes by when building Magnetors™ together.  It can be surprisingly therapeutic to create 3-D structures together and feel the power of the magnets sticking together.  I know it might sound crazy, but you’ll know what we’re talking about when you get your hands on our incredible magnetic tiles.  You may start wanting play time with your child more often!

    INSPIRES CONFIDENCE IN CHILDREN -MAGNETORS™ were inspired by children's endless creativity and natural curiosity. It's pure magic to watch them learn effortlessly and create fearlessly!

    We believe children can create just about anything their minds and little hearts desire. You’ll love seeing their unique ideas and creativity come alive.  

    There's nothing like the sense of accomplishment to build confidence in children. Minds, hands, coordination, and imagination all develop more quickly while your kids play with our premium building toys.


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